About Us

Dealer Dolls is a female owned and operated casino supply company based in lovely Los Angeles, California. We bring true “Vegas” to your event providing our own tables and supplies. Plus, we have beautiful bartenders, cocktail waitresses, cigarette dolls, and even authentic showgirls to provide that touch of extra glamour.

Dealer Dolls’ main source of entertainment is our complete roster of professional and beautiful casino dealers. We are the first company to offer this unique service and have been in high demand since our launch in 2006.

We continue to amaze our clients with our outgoing, friendly, beautiful, experienced, and professional dealers as well as our high quality gaming supply at all events. Our clients have only positive feedback and many are repeat customers that book with us every year.

Whether your party calls for a few, or a few hundred, we are here to help and entertain. Hosting a simple poker night for your friends and family? Planning a fundraiser or charity event? Or are you in charge of your company’s holiday party? We are here to help make it a huge success.

“There is nothing better than getting dealt a pair of Aces from a group of tens”…Micheal Wong