Angela H

Specialty: Craps
Nickname: Ange
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Since when you been a doll: November 2015
Why is being a doll so great: Adventures are my favorite, and I love meeting new people and sharing fun experiences. I also love the other girls I get to work with. We get to work together to help people have fun!
Favorite Music: Indie and country
Favorite Food: Anything my mom makes. I miss her food!
Favorite Color: All of them. As an artist, asking me to pick a favorite color is like asking a mom to pick a favorite child!
Pet: I want a golden retriever.
Favorite Quote: “Life is either a great adventure, or nothing.”
Interesting Fact: I love to sky dive, act, write, paint, hike, meet new people, and play with my 8 nieces and nephews. I’m Italian, so family and food are important!
Special Skills: Accents, character voices, painting, swimming, making people laugh.
  • Angela H - Craps
  • Angela H - Craps
  • Angela H - Craps
  • Angela H - Craps
  • Angela H - Craps