Chelsea H

Specialty: Craps
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Since when you been a doll: November 2015
Why is being a doll so great: I get to have fun with people who just want to have a good time together. It's refreshing to work with other beautiful and smart women. The energy is amazing!
Favorite Music: Anything I can work out to, dance to, and sing along with
Favorite Food: Nachos and guacamole
Favorite Color: Purple and Gold
Pet: I rescued an abandoned mutt on an old dirt road named Turner's Bend. So I named him Turner.
Favorite Quote: "Hhhhlllrreee hhhlllllrrrrrrhh" -Chewbacca
Interesting Fact: I have a dual bachelor's degree in Biology and Spanish. I was voted one Atlanta's most beautiful people by Jezebel Magazine.
Special Skills: I used to take boxing and fencing lessons, and I can yodel.
  • Chelsea H - Craps
  • Chelsea H - Craps
  • Chelsea H - Craps
  • Chelsea H - Craps